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Gretzky, Lemieux, Jagr, Selanne, Savard, Sundin, Forsberg, Fleury, Kurri, Housley, Palffy, Salming and Stastny are some of the NHL greats who have worn the JOFA emblem proudly upon their foreheads during some of the highest scoring and most important seasons and careers in NHL history. This blog discusses the JOFA helmet, the different models, who men who wore them, their significance, where to buy and sell them, how to fix and modify them, and why they are icons of hockey excellence.

Jun 4, 2011

The Reebok 366K

Concluding my post, "Modifying The Reebok 3K L", here is the final result of my modification; an exact replica of Teemu Selanne's famous JOFA 366 lid with soft ear loops and Oakley straight visor, uniquely branded by Reebok.

The helmet really turned out nice. Greg, who funded this project, was very pleased. He told me he will only be wearing the helmet during practice and stick time; worrying about those loose cannon players out there. I can't blame him, this helmet ain't cheap, and you most definitely can't replace it easily.

I really liked the labeling on this helmet. You might not be able to read it clearly, but the sticker at the top says, "Reebok - Powered By JOFA"; how cool. I'm glad Reebok is giving JOFA's original designers some credit. One strange thing about this helmet is that it is not certified by either HECC or CSA. I guess this is why this helmet is only sold in Europe.

I sure hope Greg gets some attention with this helmet; it is sure to have hockey equipment aficionados perplexed. I guarantee there is not another player in the world rocking this lid; other than Selanne that is!


  1. After seen this modification I did one my self.

  2. I call mine the pondhockey edition. Black ear loops and 50% of padding. Looks very small and one of a kind. Like a modern version of a Jofa from the 60's.